Access Online Blended Learning Program

Access Online is a blended learning online program. Students interested in this hybrid learning program are those who:

  • Need a limited number of credits in order to earn their diploma.

  • May benefit from a flexible alternative to the standard high school schedule.

  • Have a desire to use technology to meet their high school graduation goals.

  • Are disciplined, focused, and are able to articulate their learning needs to their online teacher and facilitators.

  • Use technology adeptly and wisely.

  • Come to the Access Online lab 2 hours per week*

2014-2015 Course Offerings for Access Online

How does a student register for Access Online?

  1. Express an interest to your parents and school counselor.
  2. See the school-based professional school counselor for information and the registration form.
  3. Register with a completed application and $240.00 money order.
Bring the completed application and money order to:

5150 Annapolis Road (Bladensburg Instructional Services Center). For more information, please call Gloria Keaton at 301-209-3580.

*Per Maryland state requirements, all blended learning programs require 20% of the course be taught in person. Our face-to-face lab is located at 5150 Annapolis Road, Bladensburg, MD.