Step Up to the Challenge

How Do I Help My Child Make Their Best Selection for Their High School Program?

Prince George’s County Public Schools over a wide-variety of specialty programs and Career Academies at the high school level. The sheer number of choices and descriptions can be overwhelming to students and parents.

We’ve created the short guide below to help you as a parent help your child make the best decision possible about their high school program of study.

Grades K-7
Talk with your child regularly about their options for the future. Some questions to ask (and ask again) include:

    • What do you like doing?
    • What are some careers you have seen that seem interesting?
    • What subjects are you really good at?

Expose your child to a variety of different career options and allow them to explore.
In school at these grades, the Professional School Counselors will work with students around college and career readiness.

Grade 8

Some decisions need to be made. This is your chance to really dig in to the information available about all of the different specialty programs and Career Academies.

In the Fall semester, along with your child:

  • Attend the County Academic Fair. All of the county specialty programs and Career Academies will be there to provide information. You will be able to talk to directors teachers and students, see demonstrations, and ask questions. Here you can get information about the application process and find out which programs and Career Academies your child is eligible for.
  • Attend the 8th grade nights offered at your child’s current school and at their feeder high school. Here you will be able to see up close what options are available.
  • Sign up for a parent account in ConnectEDU, the online platform your child will be using to complete a variety of career interest surveys and to research college and career options.
  • Talk with your child and their counselor about their career interest survey results. Through ConnectEDU, help them explore the careers suggested by their surveys. Determine which specialty program(s) or Career Academy(ies) best match their results.

  • Submit applications for specialty programs by deadline.

After Winter Break:

  • Review the Career Academy options available to your child. Your child will have the opportunity to complete the online application with their school counselor during the month of February.

In the Spring Semester:

  • Review the course request forms, specialty program acceptance letters, and Career Academy acceptance letters with your child to make your selections for their high school program.
  • Register your child for the appropriate summer bridge programs offered throughout the County.